Innovative and revolutionary methodology for the diagnosis of

Brain’s Tumors

of pet animals.

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We use MRI images not an invasive method apply our image processing software to quickly and accurately determine the type of tumor between gliomas and meningiomas.

Our Services

Our product saves time for veterinarians (vets) and radiologists in providing a quick and accurate diagnosis.
Our product saves a great deal of grief and cost for the pet owners in knowing that their pet was diagnosed correctly.

What Drives Us

Highly Accurate Result Within Seconds

We take any guesswork out of the process and provide a highly accurate result within seconds. We accomplish this by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). CNN is a branch of computer deep learning which is a collection of algorithms combining machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technique that teaches computers to learn by example. CNN has recently been deployed to solve problems in the medical image analysis field.

Here we need how to know

That we are in he middle of the development, so we ask you to consider following points:​

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